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Artist / Owner

Leanna Chapman

Hi! I'm Leanna (pronounced lee-anna; rhymes with banana).


Solo Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Artist, Introvert. Lover of all things sassy, moody, and creative. When I'm not working.. you can usually find me *still working* or enjoying coffee until it's time for margaritas in the sun. 


Favorite Mediums; Graphite, Watercolor & Soft/Chalk Pastels

My Art

  • Instagram

Favorite Subject: Women

Favorite Color: Blue

Making art (for me) is a form of therapy.. aiding the release of emotions and calming the mind and soul. Just experiencing the process of creating is key. Check out my personal art on Instagram

I make things.

SHOP Creations

  • Instagram

In my spare time, I stay creative. If it can be made, there's a good chance I've tried it. Keep up to date with all my SHOP creations on Instagram @leannasartshop & Follow for vendor events, updates, and new items.

  • Metal Stamped Bracelets

  • Clay Earrings

  • Resin Earrings

  • Resin Coasters & Creations

  • Inked Coasters & Mugs

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