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DIY Canvas Kits


DIY Canvas Kits

Need a canvas for yourself, or an entire group of people?

DIY on your own time at your own location...

Order - Pick up - Take them To-Go!

Orders are always OPEN for pre-drawn canvas kits.

There is no minimum required, whether you need 1 or 20.

This DIY option is perfect for all ages to enjoy getting creative at home or in your own private location.

Designs can be created for: Families, Partners, Date Nights, Birthday Parties, Reunions, Co-worker Bonding Activities, Senior Centers, Youth Groups, etc.


You choose size, design, and paint colors.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for orders to be ready.

(large orders of 15 or more may require more time)

*Must be able to pick up in Oswego at designated time & location to be discussed at the time of ordering.

What's Included?

  • Canvas with a pre-drawn design

+ You choose size (8x10", 11x14", or 16x20")

+ You choose design
+ You choose quantity


  • Acrylic Paint (ages 4+) OR
    Tempera Paint (ages 3& under)
    for each kit

  • Brushes and Sponges for each kit

Pricing starts at $16 each, and may vary based on complexity or details of pre-drawn design and size of canvas. Contact for price quote (please include as much information above as possible).


Design Ideas

​Here are just a few ideas, feel free to combine, mix & match or create your own!


  • Animals (owl, elephant, lion, fish, butterfly)

  • Nature (Plants, Flowers, Mountains, Palm Trees, Sun & Moon, Under the Sea, Mermaid Tail, Mushrooms)

  • Seasonal / Holiday (Halloween, Autumn, Christmas, Winter, Spring, Summer, Red/White/Blue)

  • Adult/Mature; Wine Glasses, Love, Body Silhouette, Lips

  • Other: Outer-space, Sports, Music, Food, Chakra, Zodiac

Partner Paintings (2 canvases side by side create one large design / half on each canvas): Sneakers & Stilettos, Heart Lock & Key, Wedding Rings, King & Queen (crowns), Butterfly Wings

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